Boa Powerchair Football products

WFA LogoThis product is sanctioned by the WFA and are used in all National League Fixtures.

To find out more about the sport of Powerchair Football, please visit the Wheelchair Football Association website.

This is an official 2011 FIPFA World Cup product.

WFA Goal Posts

These come as a Set of 4 bases and 4 posts that are removeable for ease of storage.

Cost: 120.00

Boa GoalpostThe bases are powder-coated and come with Neoprene pads to protect any floor damage.

They have been designed to deflect a football, but will move when pushed by a Powerchair. The triangular shape ensures that the base remains off the pitch and does not impede the Goalkeeper or any other players.

They also can be stacked on top of each other to reduce the storage space required.


Base Colour: White (Standard)

Post Artwork: Vinyl Sticker added to the post with your Club or Sponsor Name
Additional Cost: 24.00

Delivery (Nationwide): 20.00

Please Contact us to place an order.

Boa Goalpost

The goalposts being used at the WFA National League in Nottingham.