The Boa Predator

Boa Predator

The Boa Predator has been developed specifically to be used on the Invacare Storm and TDX football powerchairs.

With its revolutionary design and shape, the Boa Predator will strike the ball harder and with more accuracy than any other Powerchair Football attachment.

Boa PredatorIt has a unique, quick release system to fit to the powerchair, which removes the need for any tools and can be attached with a few seconds. The Boa Predator has a a rubber strip to allow great control, but this does not reduce the reaction of the ball when struck. The base plate has been machined to reduce the weight and has slots for footstraps.

There are two types of Boa Predator available:

  • Predator 300
  • Predator 400

Boa Predator 300:

Boa Predator This is the standard model and meets all the WFA standards for the dimensions allowed to be a legal attachment.

Boa Predator 400:

The 400 model has been produced for players that cannot keep their feet with the 330mm limit, and allows an additional 70mm of room. The WFA will be able to advise which attachment is suitable and will be considered "legal" for individual players.


350.00 plus VAT (includes delivery and all fittings)

Currently only available for Invacare Storm FFH and TDX Sp Powerchairs

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